Why it’s important to embrace digital technology


Digital technologies are electronic instruments or tools, frameworks devices that create store or process information. Understood models incorporate internet based life, web-based games, interactive media and cell phones. Advanced learning is any kind of discovering that utilizations innovation.

Digital technologies imply that gadgets can be increasingly conservative, quicker, lighter, and progressively adaptable. Colossal measures of data can be put away locally or remotely and moved around for all intents and purposes immediately.

Digital technology innovation has changed about each part of present-day life. Travel, work, shopping, excitement, and correspondences are only a portion of the territories that have been reformed in late decades. If we are talking about digital marketing or digital advertising then the technology really matters and effective as well today in the online media world whatever we are using today any web, social media or app all are examples of Digital/Online technology. 

·         Communication Speeds
·         Versatile Working
·         Learning Opportunities
·         Automation
·         Information Storage
·         Editing
·         Accurate Duplication
·         GPS and Mapping
·         Transportation
·         Low Cost
·         Entertainment
·         News
·         Warfare
·         Banking and Finance
·         Smaller Sized Devices

Let me explain some of the advantages of the examples below.

Social Connectivity

Digital technology helps us to keep updated on Social media and connect with our friends & family. We can chat, video calls to someone, send any audio massage through social media apps or websites. 


Communication Speeds


Internet speeds have expanded exponentially since the beginning of dial-up. Ever quicker broadband empowers the exchange of a lot of data over the web promptly, causing it conceivable to stream video and sound progressively, to send huge information records, and access information from for all intents and purposes anyplace on the planet. Traditional media, for the most part, takes any longer for the communication Radio is one of the main platforms which was too famous and still very effective for advertising and marketing.  

Learning Opportunities


Today there are a lot of famous apps like Pocket, Google Classroom & Baidu which help to learn different concepts in an easy way so Anyone with access to the internet presently approaches a gigantic extent of the world's information over the web. Exercises and courses would now be able to be conveyed for all intents and purposes on the web. Correspondence propels imply that you can now effectively speak with the greater part of the total populace and gain legitimately from sources, for instance in the event that you are attempting to comprehend outside occasions, or learning another dialect. Advanced innovation can likewise be simpler to use for individuals with incapacities and frequently give them equivalent access.



Advanced Digital technology is progressively making machines more intelligent. Now and again, the machines never again need people to work them, opening up laborers from regularly exhausting errands for all the more fascinating interests.

Information Storage


Today we all like to collect and save our data like media, such as photos, music, videos, contact information, and other documents & contact information day by day technology still updating now we can store our data without any hesitation.

GPS and Mapping


If we are talking about the Google feature then GPS and Mapping is one of the most famous Google free features which helps to find distance and easy way to go somewhere. Finding your way around used to include alluding to a paper map, however, computerized joined with satellite innovation has changed travel. GPS administrations would now be able to pinpoint your position precisely, update you on congested driving conditions and street terminations continuously, and surrender you loads of to-date data, for example, time of landing in your goal, just as elective courses. On the off chance that you need to discover a service station or drugstore that is open, that is simple as well.



We all love to watch trending news and like to update with Google news as well. Expanding numbers of peoples get their news on the web, either by means of a site or online networking. Indeed, even customary news media, for example, TV and radio, have been digitalized. Individuals have more choices for news sources than any other time in recent memory, and a large portion of it is accessible 24 hours of the day. Autonomous and do-it-without anyone's help news coverage is presently normal, just as conventional individuals taking photographs and recordings on their telephones at areas where a news occasion is occurring

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